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A. Ministry of Infrastructures, Transport and Networks

• Final Design of bridges at Arta-Fillipiada Bypass.
• Predesign of access bridges to the Metsovo tunnel in section Anthohori - West Entrance if Anilion tunnel .
• Preliminary Design of bridges  in the Ioannina - Aracthos section of Egnatia Odos
• Final Design of Markopoulo Interchange (junction of Stavros-Lavrio N.Road with Lavriou Avenue)
• Final Design of  Equestrian Center Interchange  (junction of Stavros-Lavrio N.Road with the Roads to the Equestrian Center and Markopoulo's Shooting Center).
• Predesign of bridges on Vytina - Ancient Olympia Motorway (section : Louvro-Tripotamia-Iraia's junction).  pdf button
• Final Design of Interchange connecting River Glafkos Roads with the New Port of Patras.  pdf button
• Final Design of bridges in Arachova's Bypass.  pdf button 

B. Egnatia Odos S.A.

• Final Design of Bridges in section 14.3 Iasmos-Komotini
• Final Design of Bridges in section 2.3 Drosochori - river Aracthos (Τ8L1,Τ8R1,T8L2,T8R2,T7L,T7R)  pdf button
• Predesign of  Katouna Bridge in section 2.3 Drosohori - river Aracthos  pdf button 
• Final Design of an Overpass in section Agia Anastasia - Dodoni Tunnel pdf button
• Final Design of Ionia Bridge in section 8.2 Thessaloniki Ringroad Κ2-Κ4  pdf button
• Final Design of Petritsi Interchange in section 60.3.4 Petritsi Interchange - Promachonas pdf button
• Design check of Strimonas Bridge in section 60.2.2 of the Autoroute «Thessaloniki-Serres-Promachonas»
• Final Design of Overpasses in section 12.20 Strimonas River – New Peramos (Interchanges of Touzla. Peramos and New Kariani)

Γ. Hellenic Railway Organization (OSE)

• Final Design of bridges around Liosia Railway Station and the Thriasio Field Complex

• Final Design of a bridge in National Road Athens -Lamia over the New Railway Line Athens - Thessaloniki.  pdf button

• Final Design of RSR-2A bridge in National Road Athens -Lamia over the New Railway Line Athens - Thessaloniki.  pdf button

• Final Design of  KO1N bridge over    the New Railway Line Athens - Thessaloniki  and Motorway E65.  pdf button
• Final Design of the overpasses in the Railway Stations of Veria and Gefira of Thessaloniki.  pdf button

• Final Design of bridges in the New Railway Line Korinthos – Patras (section km. 90+500 – km. 109+500).

• Predesign of Railway Bridges (Τ14,Τ15,Τ16,Τ23,Τ26,Τ28,Τ29,Τ20,Τ21,Τ32Ν,Τ33Ν) in the New Railway Line  Kalampaka – Ioannina – Igoumenitsa (section Ioannina – Igoumenitsa from km. 16+300 to km. 43+200).  pdf button


• Final Design of bridges in Section A2

• Final Design of bridges in Section A4  pdf button

• Final Design of bridges in Section A11

Final Design of bridge on Athens-Lamia National Road
Egaleo Interchange - Attiki Odos S.A.
Petritsi bridge on Egnatia Odos Motorway.